April 2022

Pastel Network Announces Listing Cooperation with KuCoin

We are excited to announce the cooperation of Pastel Network with KuCoin, one of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges. Through this cooperation, KuCoin will provide the offering and trading of Pastel’s native utility token, PSL, on the KuCoin Exchange as well as a Staking Program (described below). The listing will take place on April 28, 2022 at 8:00 UTC. KuCoin + PSL Trading Page …

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permissionless nfts

What Are Permissionless NFTs?

Developers and companies are discovering dozens of new use cases for NFT technology—from community governance to luxury travel and real estate.  There are many reasons NFTs are in huge demand, the most prominent being the features of their underlying infrastructure—public, permissionless blockchains that serve as the foundation for all things crypto-related.  In this article, we …

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Sense Protocol Demo

Powered by Pastel’s Sense Protocol for Near-Duplicate NFT Detection, experience Sense first hand and measure the relative rarity of any NFT. We have spent over 3 years researching and developing groundbreaking technology — Sense Protocol for Near-Duplicate NFT Detection. We launched this demo for users to better understand its tangible benefits. It is an easy-to-use …

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Guide to CryptoPunks: Are They “Digital Antiques”

CryptoPunks are collectible ERC-721 tokens hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain and stimulated the “profile picture” NFT movement. CryptoPunks was among the first NFT collections from Larva Labs and laid the groundwork for upcoming NFT projects. What is a CryptoPunk? A CryptoPunk is a 24*24 pixel, 8-bit, punky-looking NFT art image. CryptoPunks are algorithmically generated and …

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