: The Pastel Token

Built on the Pastel Protocol (based on Bitcoin-Core, Dash, and ZCash), the Pastel Token allows for digital art to be tokenized and traded on our decentralized platform.

(PSL) is forking from

“What is the Pastel token used for?”

Our protocol and innovative use of blockchain technology and tokenisation, solves industry wide problems faced by both artists and collectors.

First, the Pastel non-fungible token is required to be able to register art on the network and blockchain.

Secondly, it is required in order to pay masternodes for the services they provide to the network in storing art.

Lastly, the token will be required in order to use the network’s decentralized exchange to buy/sell art.


Things are changing, here's the data for before and after the fork.

Current Tokenomics

Token: ANI

Created: 2,000,000,000

In circulation: 1,000,000,000 (est)

Post Fork Tokenomics

Token: PSL

Created: 21,000,000,000

In circulation: 10,500,000,000


ANI coin holders

The Pastel team has decided to only support active addresses in the fork in order to remove uncertainties as to the supply of the new Pastel coin. ANI has been a defunct project for so long that many questions remain unanswered as to the actual, circulating supply of the coin.

The Coin Swap

Users holding ANI off the Cryptopia exchange in their own wallets will be required to send 1 ANI to a soon-to-be-announced, unspendable address in order to be eligible to participate in the fork. The Pastel team is actively working with Cryptopia to automatically handle this process for users currently holding their ANI on the exchange.


The Pastel coin will ultimately have a total supply of 21 billion coins and begin with 50% (10.5 billion) of those coins distributed. That 10.5 billion initial supply will be distributed to active ANI addresses in proportion to their ANI holdings.

We will be announcing the exact number of addresses eligible to participate and the anticipated ANI/Pastel distribution rate prior to the fork.


A community already exists for Anime Coin, holding the ANI coin but with a project that was no longer progressing under the existing team. We have the technology to deliver a powerful product that does justice to the original concept of Anime Coin but has evolved sufficiently enough to warrant the creation of a new brand and new coin - Pastel.

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“Where can the token be

The Pastel token will initially be available for trade after the fork on the Cryptopia exchange. We will be adding additional exchange support in the coming months, especially in Asia.

Buy ANI with BTC, LTC or DOGE

“Why will the token increase in

As demand for the resources of the network rises, the price of masternode resources and the cost of registering art will lead to an appreciation in price for the token. Additionally, demand for the token to buy/sell art on the decentralized exchange will also create upward pressure on the price.

Lastly, demand for masternodes, which perform the core functionality required to power the network, will naturally create upward pressure in price, as 5-10 million coins will need to be purchased and staked for every masternode, leading to a reduction in supply and an increase in price as a result.


Masternodes will perform the core functionality required to power the network.

Full masternode information to be announced.

The exact masternode price will be calculated and announced following the fork.


Things are changing, here's the data for before and after the fork.
We'll be updating our roadmap shortly, so look out for news.

TBA: Pastel fork

TBA: Desktop wallet released

TBA: Masternodes go live

TBA: Art trading platform goes live

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