One platform to power all NFTs

A peer-to-peer decentralized platform to securely register, trade, and collect NFTs. Launch applications on Pastel, integrate directly with our innovative protocols, or create & collect on our native marketplace.

Purpose-Built Blockchain

A native decentralized ledger designed solely for the NFT ecosystem.

Negligible Fees

Average costs always under $1.00 on every transaction. No more high gas fees.

Prove Authenticity

First-of-its-kind near-duplicate NFT detection technology certifies rareness.

Reliable Storage

Cutting-edge distributed storage system preserves NFT data. Forever.

User-Friendly Experience

Built by users. For users. Designed to be extremely intuitive and easily navigable.

Green NFTs

A truly green platform with a focus on contributing to carbon offsetting.

Security First

Led by industry experts, Pastel leverages the most advanced consensus mechanisms, cryptography techniques, and cybersecurity standards.

Borderless Interactions

Developed with collaboration in mind, integrate globally with any Layer 1 blockchain or Layer 2 app. Democratization is here.

Build on Pastel

Pastel Developer Modules

Develop on-chain marketplaces or third-party applications directly on the Pastel blockchain, supported by a series of protocols, well-documented APIs, and gRPC functionality to help builders get started.

Agile Ticket Structure

Easily represent NFT data on the blockchain and add custom features or upgrade existing functionality on Pastel using an innovative ticket schema built on intrinsic data integrity.

Sense Protocol

Powered by deep-learning and advanced fingerprint technology. Directly integrate Sense, our lightweight near-duplicate NFT detection protocol to assess the relative rareness of any NFT.

Cascade Protocol

Built for scalability, redundancy, and security. Cascade is an entirely distributed, permanent storage system designed for NFT data. Pay once, store forever.


Pastel gives creators a way to connect with their fans by selling limited edition NFTs that can be registered and traded on Pastel's blockchain without the high fees of other NFT platforms. Create timeless collections, build a following of loyal fans, and earn perpetual royalties on future sales.

Pastel has launched the first marketplace built by users, for users. Buy, sell, or trade certifiably rare NFTs with ease and never worry about scams, frauds, or rug pulls.

Develop on-chain marketplaces, applications, and more - all built on Pastel. Through our seamless integrability and comprehensive functionality, any Layer 1 or Layer 2 can benefit from Pastel’s highly advanced protocols and features. The future of digital art, videos, music, games and the Metaverse lives on Pastel.

Antone Heller

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Sally Fadel

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Lanie Keech

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Governed by our native $PSL token

Stake via SuperNodes
Provide Governance
Register and trade NFTs

PSL is the native utility token for the Pastel ecosystem. PSL has been designed to facilitate NFT transactions like minting or trading and to power staking, validation, and governance. Ultimately, PSL is required for the various applications and protocols that are built on top of the Pastel Network.

Created by an experienced blockchain team

Pastel has been in development since 2018, being one of the earliest innovators in the nascent NFT space.

The entrepreneurial team is made up of seasoned developers, world-class operators, and proven fund managers.

Powering the future of NFTs

The best are supporting, partnering, and building alongside Pastel

Supported by our amazing community

Join our community today and become part of this movement to make the NFT world better.

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