A Better World For NFT Creators, Collectors, & Builders

Provably Rare. Reliable Storage. Negligible Fees.

Pastel Network drawing

One platform to power all NFTs

A native P2P decentralized platform - securely register, trade, and collect rare digital assets on our App or launch your own NFT platform directly on the Pastel Network.


Native Blockchain
Proven Authenticity
Reliable Storage
Tradable Assets
Green NFTs

For Creators

Pastel gives creators a way to connect with their fans by selling limited edition NFTs that can be registered and traded on Pastel's blockchain without the high fees of other crypto art projects. Now your fans can participate in your success, since they can profit if your rare creation increases in value. 

For Collectors

Pastel opens an entirely new financial platform for those who want to purchase digital artwork as an investment or to support a particular artist and benefit as the artist becomes more popular.

For Builders

Develop on-chain marketplaces, collectibles, and more, all built on the Pastel - a network that a fully-dedicated, purpose built blockchain platform for the use case of rare digital assets. The future of digital art, videos, music, games and every other NFT lives on Pastel.

Governed by our native $PSL token

PSL is the native currency for the Pastel Network. The token has been designed as both a payment method and means of providing staking and validation resources across the entire ecosystem. Ultimately, PSL is required for the network and various applications that are built on top of Pastel.


Created by an experienced blockchain team

Pastel has been in development since 2018, being one of the earliest innovators in the nascent NFT space.
The entrepreneurial team is made up of seasoned developers, world-class marketers, and proven fund managers.


Supported by our amazing community

Our group of creators, collectors, and investors form an important support network that is critical to the growth and success of Pastel.
Join our community today and become part of a bigger movement to making the NFT world better.