Web3 infrastructure built for scale.

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The Pastel Network is a layer-1 blockchain that provides developers and users with critical tools to elevate projects to the next level.

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Our ecosystem is supported by a growing number of global projects and institutions fueling the future of Web3.

Your Web3 experience begins with Pastel.

Decentralized Storage

Never lose your data with Cascade’s distributed storage layer that guarantees unmatched data redundancy, permanence, and availability.

AI Solutions & LLM Services

Deploy localized LLMs and ML models for dynamic computation & analysis, leverage Sense for NFT copymint protection, or customize AI-driven dApps.

Unparalleled Interoperability

Integrate dApps and bridge assets across networks like Ethereum and Solana via Open Web3 APIs to achieve cross-chain functionality.

Uncompromising Security

Pastel guarantees peace of mind with its permissionless architecture, reinforced by advanced security protocols and consensus algorithms for complete safety and reliability.

How to get started today

Step one

Read the Developer Documentation

Step two

Contribute to Development on the Pastel GitHub

Step three

Explore the Pastel Gateway

Step four

Run your own SuperNode

Step one

Create a Pastel wallet

Step two


Step three

Explore the Pastel Portal

Step four

Create custom NFTs with SmartMint

Power your ecosystem with Pastel

Developer-friendly infrastructure services and solutions built for every project within Web3.

Open Web3 API Infrastructure 

From layer-1 networks to third-party applications, easily integrate native protocols like Sense and Cascade across new and existing ecosystems via lightweight APIs.

Dynamic Smart Ticket Standard

Encode NFT data and information on the blockchain, implement custom features, and upgrade functionality with an advanced smart contract layer founded on intrinsic data integrity.

Composable Developer Modules

Power your dApps and marketplaces directly on-chain via plug-and-play modules and composable protocols.

Become a Supernode operator

Supernodes form the backbone of the Pastel Network and are responsible for validating transactions, running protocols, and governing the broader network.


Number of Mainnet SuperNodes


On-Chain Transactions Verified & Processed


APR % from Protocol & Staking Rewards


Total PSL Distributed to SuperNodes

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Build and scale your projects with Pastel

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