The next generation NFT focused blockchain

Certifiable authenticity. Permanent Storage. Negligible Fees.

Build, secure, and scale your Web3 ecosystem with Pastel.

Purpose-Built Blockchain

A fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain serving as the preeminent protocol standard for NFTs and Web3 technology.

Negligible Fees

Dynamic fee function supports negligible transaction fees for on and off-chain requests, reducing friction from alternative general-purpose layer-1s.

Certifiable Authenticity

Leading near-duplicate NFT detection technology to prevent counterfeit, protect IP, and certify rareness.

Reliable Storage

Highly redundant distributed storage system permanently preserves NFT data. Pay once, store forever.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

Natively integrate Open-API standards and bridge assets cross-chain with minimized trust.

Entirely Permissionless

An open network of peer-to-peer nodes, available for anyone to participate in the consensus process to validate transactions and data.

Security First

Led by industry experts, Pastel leverages the most advanced consensus mechanisms, cryptography techniques, and standards to achieve maxium security.

Scale Across Borders

Integrate globally once and never worry about scaling again. Democratization is here.

Build on Pastel

Build on Pastel

Pastel Developer Modules

Develop on-chain marketplaces or third-party applications directly on the Pastel blockchain, supported by a series of protocols, well-documented APIs, and gRPC functionality to help builders get started.

Agile Ticket Structure

Easily represent NFT data on the blockchain and add custom features or upgrade existing functionality on Pastel using an innovative ticket schema built on intrinsic data integrity.

Sense Protocol

Powered by deep-learning and advanced fingerprint technology. Directly integrate Sense, our lightweight near-duplicate NFT detection protocol to assess the relative rareness of any NFT.

Cascade Protocol

Built for scalability, redundancy, and security. Cascade is an entirely distributed, permanent storage system designed for NFT data. Pay once, store forever.

Become a SuperNode Operator

Process NFT Requests
Secure the Network
Earn Staking & Block Rewards

Be part of Pastel by running decentralized infrastructure. Learn more about operating a SuperNode.

Powering the future of NFTs

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