Technical Papers

Original Whitepaper

The Original Pastel Whitepaper was drafted in 2018 and describes in great detail the various nuances of the Pastel Network. This Whitepaper is the best place to understand the critical components of the systems including the foundations of the underlying blockchain, the core NFT processes that underpin the system, and the Supernode / token model that provide security and governance across the entire network.

Pastel Litepaper

The Pastel Litepaper provides a concise overview of the broader network with a high-level summary of the technical components of the system. It pays close attention to the competitive landscape of the burgeoning NFT sector as well as focuses on the PSL token inflation and economic model.

Cascade Yellowpaper

The Cascade Yellowpaper describes in great detail Pastel Network’s permanent, distributed storage protocol. This Yellowpaper provides a comprehensive introduction and background for the need of a completely decentralized, Web3 storage layer that guarantees permanent and redundant data storage via a pay-once store-forever model. It outlines the technical components and competitive advantages of the system versus existing alternatives. It also provides a detailed description of key existing features such as storage fees, storage challenges, and self-healing and includes a roadmap for critical features under development.

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