Validate. Secure. Stake. Earn PSL.

  • Process network requests Process network requests
  • Secure and govern the blockchain Secure and govern the blockchain
  • Earn PSL via staking and transaction fees Earn PSL via staking and transaction fees
  • Guarantee borderless decentralization Guarantee borderless decentralization


Number of Mainnet SuperNodes


On-Chain Transactions Verified & Processed


APR % from Protocol & Staking Rewards


Total PSL Distributed to SuperNodes

Supernodes form the backbone of the Pastel Network.

Supernodes are a scalable layer of high-powered validators connected to the core blockchain. They are responsible for validating NFT transactions, operating the Sense and Cascade protocols, and governing the broader network. Earn PSL via Staking Rewards and Transaction Fees.

What are Supernodes?

Learn more about the role of SuperNode Operators in the Pastel Network

How to become a Supernode Operator

Learn the requirements to become a SuperNode Operator on the Pastel Network

Get help

We have an active community of validators on our Discord server. This is the best place to get technical support and ask question

Founder program

Early SuperNode operators will have additional perks and benefits for supporting the network.

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