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Current number of SuperNodes on mainnet


Current number of transactions verified and processed on the network

40.3 %

Current APR from Protocol and Staking rewards

SuperNodes form the backbone of the Pastel Network

SuperNodes are a scalable layer of high-powered instances connected to the Pastel Network. They are responsible for validating NFT transactions, processing requests, providing security, and governing the broader network.

SuperNode Rewards

Protocol Rewards

Earn protocol rewards for successful operations performed like NFT transactions or open API requests including Sense and Cascade. These are delivered on top of earnings from staking rewards.

Staking Rewards

Earn block rewards for staking your PSL, providing computational resources, handling governance requests, and securing the network.

Validating on Pastel

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Review our documentation related to all things SuperNodes and start validating today.


Basic Requirements

Run a full Pastel node with minimal required compute, memory, and networking resources and self-stake 5,000,000.00 PSL.

Get Help

We have an active community of validators on our Discord server. This is the best place to get technical support and ask questions.

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Founder Program

Early SuperNode operators will have additional perks and benefits for supporting the network.

120 Slots Avaliable

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