NFT Sports Cards

NFT Sports Cards Explained (Read Before Buying)

It seems only yesterday when headlines of sports trading cards selling for millions of dollars spotlighted the lucrative world of collectible cards.  To recap the highest flying sales: And the list goes on, often to the incredulity of the average person still digesting the idea that even classical art can fetch multi-million dollar price tags. …

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Monet 1.2 Testnet Release

Introducing the final phase of the Monet 1.2 Testnet, now live! As we strive to achieve our goals, Monet 1.2 represents a critical milestone among several other planned releases for 2023. This release brings substantial enhancements to our Supernode infrastructure, major updates to Cascade (our permanent NFT data storage solution), and Sense (our duplicate detection technology). Specific upgrade milestones …

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Introducing SmartMint’s Dedicated Twitter Account for Creators and Collectors

We are excited to announce the launch of our dedicated Twitter account for our no-code NFT minting platform, SmartMint. The SmartMint Twitter account will be a hub for NFT art, NFT-focused content, and updates on all SmartMint collaborations and development upgrades. We created this supplemental account to better serve our creator and collector community — offering them a …

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SmartMint Banff Release

Our latest release includes refined functionality, a number of additional features, support for minting on Solana, and much more! We are very excited to announce that we have just released our SmartMint Banff update, our largest upgrade to the novel no-code minting platform to date! In this release, we have refined functionality of SmartMint’s core workflows, added …

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