The world’s most advanced, secure, and decentralized blockchain for NFTs.


Pastel is the first fully decentralized, purpose-built platform for the creation, validation, and trading of provably rare digital assets. By digital assets, Pastel refers to a kind of cryptographically secured, digital collectible that is created in a similar way to how a traditional artist might create a set number of limited-edition physical prints.

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Multi-Layer Structure

When initially launching the blockchain, we selected a foundation with the longest proven track record of security, reliability, and decentralization: Bitcoin. The intrinsic data integrity of Pastel is heavily based on the Bitcoin codebase, and the project has a similar orientation towards mining-based proof-of-work and maximum decentralization.

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Core Features

Nearly every NFT project completely ignores the problem of storage for the underlying NFT asset. Users incorrectly believe that NFTs are minted and exist in a decentralized manner on the blockchain. However, NFTs are really only non-fungible to the extent they refer to the actual token, not ownership of the rare asset itself.

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Built for Builders

We understand why the world has gravitated towards Ethereum-based digital art solutions so far— it is very quick and easy to develop on the Ethereum platform as specialized Ethereum smart contracts.

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User-Friendly Experience

We designed Pastel from the ground up with our target user in mind. Users can create a PastelID, which consists of a public and private key, to develop an identity on the blockchain.

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