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[introduction_details details=”Pastel is the first fully decentralized, purpose-built platform for the creation, validation, and trading of provably rare digital assets. By digital assets, Pastel refers to a kind of cryptographically secured, digital collectible that is created in a similar way to how a traditional artist might create a set number of limited-edition physical prints. The concept of rare digital assets is going to change the world and revolutionize how creators and collectors interact in a peer-to-peer manner – without the high fees or intermediaries that currently impede the physical world and competitive platforms.”] [introduction_details details=”Pastel also allows for the development of third-party applications to sit on top of the Network. Developers can build their own application or marketplace directly on Pastel, enabling them to leverage the scalable registration features, storage components, and security of the broader network.”]
[introduction_details details=”We believe that rare digital assets are important enough of an application to merit their own, purpose-built system that is highly optimized for specific requirements. Not only does this allow the system to work far more efficiently and with greater security guarantees – because the heavy computations can be done in native machine code instead of an abstract or inefficient virtual machine such as EVM – but it also makes the system much simpler and easier to interact with.” sub_title=”With this in mind, we focus on what really matters in the world of NFTs:”]
[extra_details title=”User-driven flow” details=”Pastel was designed and built with its target user in mind. As such, we encourage simplicity around establishing an identity on the blockchain, registering new assets, peer-to-peer trading of collectibles from other participants, and retrieving asset files from the network.”] [extra_details title=”Multi-layer structure:” details=”Our unique structure ensures that the full functionality is provided to the entire network in a scalable, secure, and redundant manner – without the need for centralized servers or off-chain constraints.”] [extra_details title=”Built for builders:” details=”The open design is high-suitable for developers to build their own third-party applications or marketplaces directly on Pastel – without sacrificing any functionality or scalability.”]

[information_readmore title=”Multi-Layer Structure” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/multi-layer-structure/”] [information_readmore title=”Core Features” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/core-features/”] [information_readmore title=”Built for Builders” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/built-for-builders/”]
[information_readmore title=”User-Friendly Experience” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/user-friendly-experience/”]
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