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[introduction_details details=”We designed Pastel from the ground up with our target user in mind. Users can create a PastelID, which consists of a public and private key, to develop an identity on the blockchain. More importantly, the PastelID system ensures that creators and collectors can share their PastelID key on their website or various social media accounts – abstracting away the confusing string identifiers associated with pub/priv key pairs. “] [introduction_details details=”From user onboarding to navigating through the marketplace and trading NFTs, every aspect of the system was carefully designed to account for intuitive user-flow and understanding.”] Example of User Onboarding Flow
[information_readmore title=”Introduction” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/introduction/”] [information_readmore title=”Multi-Layer Structure” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/multi-layer-structure/”] [information_readmore title=”Core Features” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/core-features/”]
[information_readmore title=”User-Friendly Experience” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/overview/user-friendly-experience”]
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