Pastel Network Launches the Zealy Ambassador Program

Introducing Pastel Network’s newest community program via Zealy. Embark on quests, earn rewards, and become a pioneer as a Pastel Ambassador through Zealy.

Join our Zealy Community TODAY!

We are thrilled to roll out our latest initiative, the Pastel Ambassador Program, in collaboration with Zealy — a super intuitive platform that gamifies community participation and engagement.

If you’re passionate about the Pastel Network and eager to dive deeper, we’re inviting YOU to become a pioneering Pastel Ambassador. Get ready to embrace challenges, earn rewards, and rise through the ranks — all while contributing to a community you love!

Why Join?
Zealy isn’t just another platform; it’s an experience. By turning community engagement into a game, you’re not just completing tasks — you’re embarking on quests. Compete for supremacy on the Leaderboard, achieve new statuses, and earn WPSL, Pastel’s very own ERC-20 token. As you thrive, so does your profile!

Who Can Become an Ambassador?
Everyone is welcome! Whether you’re new to Pastel or have been a long-time supporter, you have the chance to make your mark. All it takes is enthusiasm and a willingness to participate! Follow the steps below to sign up today and begin completing quests.

How Does It Work?
It’s simple — with each quest you complete, you’re not just earning rewards; you’re leveling up. This progressive journey allows you to attain new roles within our Discord community, opening doors to exclusive content, special privileges, and more. The more active you are, the higher you’ll climb!

Ready to Get Started?
Sign Up: Click here and register for Zealy using your Discord account. Make sure to connect your ERC-20 wallet to receive your WPSL rewards!
Join the Adventure: After signing up, immerse yourself in our community. Start exploring quests available today!
Earn and Excel: With every task, challenge, and contribution, you’re on your way to becoming a top-ranking ambassador. Keep an eye on those rewards—they’re your ticket to exclusive opportunities within the Pastel community!
Pastel Zealy Invite link:

Completing Quests

It is very simple! Once you create your account using your Discord login, all you need to do is click into any quest and follow the completion instructions.

That. is. it.

The Leaderboard

Quest completion earns you XP, boosting you higher on the Leaderboard. As seasons change every quarter, so do our champions. Pastel celebrates the top three contributors with additional exciting rewards. Stay tuned for more details on these exclusive perks!

Claiming Your Rewards
The rewards take the form of XP which are earned by completing quests/tasks. Different tasks carry different XP rewards. Earned XP will translate into eligibility to receive WPSL that is correlated to the XP amounts.

Reach Level 4 (that’s a minimum of 700 XP!) to become eligible for your WPSL Token Airdrop. We distribute awards monthly, so gear up, connect your ERC-20 wallet, and keep conquering quests!

Minimum Requirement to receive rewards: Achieve Level 4 with 700 XP

Reward: WPSL Token Airdrop (Once every month)

Please note: Different quests may have different entry requirements either providing an entry per a given number of XP or making the competition only available to those over a certain XP threshold.

See the Zealy levels below.

Zealy Levels: More Than Just Points
Our rewards go beyond the digital. XP earned signifies your active role in our community, qualifying you for WPSL tokens. The higher the level, the more WPSL token rewards you’ll receive!

Engage in varied quests, each offering distinct XP values, and utilize your XP to access exclusive quests or compete in special competition. Let’s delve into the level-role correlation:

Zealy Level 4 → Pastel Ambassador

Zealy Level 8 → Pastel Champion

Zealy Level 12 → Pastel Innovator

Zealy Level 16 → Pastel Trailblazer

Zealy Level 20 → Pastelian

Quest Updates and Sprint Contests
Our community is ever-evolving, with new quests sprouting around Pastel events and campaigns. We even host Sprint Contests, time-bound challenges where you rush to complete specific tasks. Keep your eyes peeled on the Zealy Discord Channel for fresh quests!

Are You Ready?
The Pastel Network Zealy Ambassador Program isn’t just about what you gain — it’s about the unique contributions you can make to a growing community. It’s about connecting with others, sharing experiences, and shaping the future of Pastel Network. Are you ready to join us on this journey? The adventure begins now!

Join our Zealy community!

Zealy Sign-up:

Pastel’s Zealy Invite:

About Pastel Network
Pastel Network is a fully decentralized, developer-friendly layer-1 blockchain serving as the preeminent protocol standard for non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and Web3 technology.

Pastel allows for the development of third-party decentralized-applications (“DApps”) to sit on top of its Network, enabling developers to enjoy the scalable registration features, storage processes, and security of the broader ecosystem. Lightweight protocols such as Sense — which was built to assess the relative rareness of a given NFT against near-duplicate metadata — and Cascade — which conducts permanent, distributed storage of underlying NFT data — can be integrated cross-chain across various layer-1 blockchains, layer-2 protocols, or other third-party apps.

Pastel is managed by world-class developers, cryptographers, and technologists, supported alongside an experienced and extensive network of marketers, influencers, and third-party agencies. Pastel is backed by key stakeholders including Innovating Capital, a prominent venture fund.

For more information on Pastel Network, visit

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