Pastel: Our Artist Onboarding Strategy

Pastel is designed to be the premier blockchain for digital artists and collectors. Just as a museum or gallery has no relevance without a substantial showcase of quality work for patrons and students to browse, we believe in the principles of freedom and permanence through the digital realm. Pastel has formulated a winning design for our proprietary network by focusing on ways to onboard collaborators, freelancers, and everybody else who believes in claiming their stake as a 21st century artist. We are targeting individuals who we can sponsor and incentivize to start building their reputation on the blockchain for long term storage and secure transfer of digital works. Are you an artist, illustrator, or freelance creative looking for a home that will outlast the buzz and speculation of the current cryptocurrency market? If so, we might have something for you.

Commissioned digital artwork has become both a more mainstream and practical market in many ways. From private illustrations of pop-culture and anime characters to the burgeoning scene for collectible non-fungible tokens on Ethereum, it’s quite clear that the preferences of the next generation are skewed towards a digital and infinitely reproducible format. Visual, audio, and other file types are hosted on either cloud or completely decentralized systems enabling what is called a “trustless” architecture. This means that there is no central authority who can decide whether your submission is approved for display and sale. In the case of Pastel, this also involves a commitment to file hosting that is more than just a monthly AWS subscription or private server. In other words, your work will be seen, heard and experienced as intended for the indefinite future.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to artists on multiple platforms including leading digital collectible venues and more traditional showcase or marketplace platforms such as Etsy. Pastel will be sponsoring artists in a few exciting ways by deploying a fund specifically for artist onboarding. Those who are open to collaboration and commissioning works or who want to grow our community can be compensated with payment for providing us with exclusive content! In addition to this, we will be providing a digital artist scholarship. We want to incentivize the individuals with either the greatest curiosity or the widest reach. Popular digital non-fungible token (NFT) artists have already shown there is a huge economy for these collectibles and we wish to offer the sweetest nectar to the earliest participants on Pastel.

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Many art forums and platforms don’t have the funding to attract creative talent but Pastel is ready to start building our community! We will be offering up to $1,000 for commissioned pieces exclusive to the Pastel blockchain. In addition to this, there will be smaller commissions for .GIFs to help promote our service along with a targeted campaign to encourage Etsy shops to begin listing on a digital marketplace using our NFT creation suite. We understand that marketing is a huge undertaking and we want to build our network of artists! There will be some very special perks for popular artists who want to work with us as Pastel Ambassadors and spread the word.

Not to mention, the longer-term objective of these incentives are here to stay. Intrinsic to the underlying network is the Pastel Growth Fund, which receives 5% of every block reward produced. These rewards are in turn used to enhance the promotion of the network and its participants. Notably, this includes the enlistment of digital artists who could register their original works on the system or even the purchase of select rare artworks that are available on the network as a means of introducing liquidity and as an incentive for worthy submissions. In other words, our system was built with the long-term vision to support artists.

Pastel believes there are significant advantages to using a blockchain-based platform for artwork and other digital media sales. Pastel will begin our talent search in January. There is a world of illustrators, painters, visual storytellers and more who are ready to start selling their work on a digital platform, and we will be here to build the museum of the 21st century and beyond. If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our website and contact us through our formOur onboarding program will run through the month of January and we will be assessing each candidate on the quality of their work as well as the reach of their social accounts. Questions? Comments? Join the community via the channels below!

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