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[introduction_details details=”The PSL token (“PSL”) serves as the native cryptocurrency on the Pastel Network, which allows them to be used to transfer and store value in a similar way as Bitcoin. By running on a fully dedicated, purpose-built blockchain for the specific use case of rare NFTs, PSL is the foundation for accessibility. Inherently, PSL empowers the permissionless, borderless economy for rare digital assets”] [extra_details title=”” details=”PSL coins also have various special use cases within the Pastel ecosystem: PSL can be used by artists to pay for securely registering and storing their artwork on the Pastel Network. The underlying mechanics support a low inflationary model through constant Proof of Burn. PSL can also be used by collectors to purchase rare artworks created by others.”]

PSL Token summary:

Maximum Supply 21,000,000,000 PSL
Total Supply at Genesis 10,750,192,399 PSL
Circulating Supply 2,235,530,229 PSL
Reward / Block 6,250 PSL
Reward Halving 840,000 PSL / Block
Block Time 2.5 Minutes / Block
[information_readmore title=”Utility Use Cases” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/psl-token/utility-use-cases/”] [information_readmore title=”Supply Specifications” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/psl-token/supply-specifications/”]
[information_readmore title=”Token Distribution” link=”https://pastelnetwork.wpengine.com/psl-token/token-distribution/”]

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