The PSL token (“PSL”) serves as the native cryptocurrency on the Pastel Network, which allows them to be used to transfer and store value in a similar way as Bitcoin. By running on a fully dedicated, purpose-built blockchain for the specific use case of rare NFTs, PSL is the foundation for accessibility. Inherently, PSL empowers the permissionless, borderless economy for rare digital assets

PSL coins also have various special use cases within the Pastel ecosystem: PSL can be used by artists to pay for securely registering and storing their artwork on the Pastel Network. The underlying mechanics support a low inflationary model through constant Proof of Burn. PSL can also be used by collectors to purchase rare artworks created by others.

PSL Token summary:

Maximum Supply 21,000,000,000 PSL
Total Supply at Genesis 10,750,192,399 PSL
Circulating Supply 2,235,530,229 PSL
Reward / Block 6,250 PSL
Reward Halving 840,000 PSL / Block
Block Time 2.5 Minutes / Block

Utility Use Cases

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Supply Specifications

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Token Distribution

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