Token Distribution

We have aimed to keep decentralization intact at every stage of the project’s life - from the creation of the foundation to the issuance of PSL to key investors. We have made a concerted effort to emulate this ethos of decentralization across all aspects of distribution. As such, no underlying stakeholder or individual accounts for more than 5.0% of the total supply.

Pastel has raised over $5M in seed funding from prominent venture capital funds such as Innovating Capital and strategic angel investors. All investors are subject to a multi-year contractual lockup. The vast majority of the total supply has been set aside for future distribution and growth in a decentralized manner. From the Ecosystem Development Pool - which is in place to assist in the onboarding of early adopters, partners, and builders - to the Foundation Reserve - which has been established to support continual resources being provided to the network - each aspect of the token distribution was carefully established to ensure the long-term development and viability of Pastel.

PSL Token Distribution:


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Utility Use-Cases

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Supply Specifications

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