The Bobby Orr Collection: A Digital Ode to Hockey Greatness

New York City – Embracing the legacy of NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr, an innovative collaboration between Orr, mixed media artist Paul Gerben, and Web3 platform Pastel Network announces the groundbreaking Bobby Orr Collection.

Crafted as a homage to Orr’s devoted fanbase, the collection introduces a stunning array of unique digital trading cards, limited edition artworks, sculptures, and more. Exclusive drops from this collection unlock extraordinary experiences, ranging from personalized video calls and NHL game attendance with Bobby to signed memorabilia, merchandise, and special edition physical copies.
“While hockey landscapes evolve, the constant remains the fans. This collection is a tribute to them, and I am thrilled to connect with my fans in this fresh and exciting manner.”

Bobby Orr
Designed by acclaimed artist Paul Gerben, known for his celebrity portraits and large-scale sculptures, the collection draws inspiration from classic trading cards, revitalizing them in the digital realm. Gerben’s international acclaim includes collectors like Jimmy Fallon, Pink, Barack Obama, and Tommy Hilfiger, positioning him at the intersection of fine art and Web3.

Announcing the Bobby Orr Collection 🏒Collect limited edition digital trading cards, physical artwork & more – all showcasing @RealBobbyOrr’s iconic career 🎁Exclusive drops offer fans special experiences, memorabilia & merchandise 👀Stay ahead of the game – whitelist opens soon!

— The Bobby Orr Collection (@Orrcollection) November 13, 2023

The collection’s inaugural drop, the Orr 1,444 Deck, features 1,444 unique digital NHL trading cards. Subsequent releases promise limited edition digital and physical artworks, desktop sculptures, and life-size statues capturing iconic moments like Orr’s legendary Stanley Cup-winning dive.

Offering a tiered rarity system—Ultra Rare, Very Rare, Rare, and Common—the Orr 1,444 Deck provides fans with exclusive privileges. From access to the Bobby Orr Fan Club and Discord to a range of other valuable perks, collectors embark on a unique journey celebrating Bobby Orr’s unparalleled contributions to hockey.

NFT Sale Details:

Early Registration: Register now to be eligible to collect a digital card during the drop. Registration ends December 14th
Fan Club Mint (December 15): 1000 Early Registrants will be randomly selected to mint.
Private Sale (December 15-16): All early registration whitelist wallets can mint on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Public Sale (December 16-21): Everyone is available to mint on a first-come, first-serve basis

As a hockey icon, Bobby Orr’s legacy includes two Stanley Cups, eight Norris Trophies, and three Hart Trophies. Pastel Network’s SmartMint, a revolutionary tool streamlining digital collectible creation, management, and minting, powers this innovative collection. SmartMint ensures secure storage of NFT metadata and is compatible with blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain.

Fans can seamlessly mint authentic Bobby Orr digital trading cards using SmartMint on the Ethereum blockchain. Leveraging Pastel’s Cascade for data storage and Sense to gauge collectible rarity, SmartMint provides a user-friendly gateway, catering to both seasoned Web3 enthusiasts and new fans.

Anthony Georgiades, co-founder of Pastel Network, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “It’s an honor to team up with Bobby Orr as he embraces this new method to engage with his long-standing fans. We are excited to bring hockey lovers these once-in-a-lifetime pieces of memorabilia to uniquely thank them for all their support over the years and connect with them in this new, exciting way.”

For the latest on the Bobby Orr Collection, including whitelist and minting announcements, please follow @Orrcollection on Twitter / X. Those keen on acquiring a Bobby Orr NFT should head to

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