World of Women NFT Explained (Read Before Buying)

World of Women is an NFT project that Yam Karki created with 10,000 NFTs on OpenSea. The collection consists of 200 visual assets drawn by hand and aims to create a community that encourages women to explore Web3 and cryptocurrency. 

As of September 2022, World of Women has a sales volume of 72.7k ETH on OpenSea and has caught the attention of celebrities such as Steve Aoki (DJ, record producer,) FaZe Banks (Gamer, FaZe Clan,) and Dez Bryant (NFL free agent.)

Since selling out, the project continues to provide its owners with several unique benefits, including access to exclusive clubs, gala access, and much more. 

This article will cover what World of Women is, how it works, how you can buy, and the benefits of owning a World of Women NFT. 

What Is World of Women?

World of Women is an NFT project designed by Yam Karkai to empower women and increase their representation throughout Web3 and cryptocurrency. 

According to a recent ArtTactic report, women account for only 16% of the NFT market, showing how dominated the industry is by men. 

Karkai designed the project to show women the potential of Web3. The project quickly sold out after catching the attention of several influencers, including Tanya Sam, a tech investor and former Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate.

Each NFT originally sold for 0.07 ETH (around $225); however, the rarest NFTs are now selling for over 60 ETH ($80,304.60.)

In total, 10,000 unique illustrations were created by Karkai, who used Procreate and Adobe Photoshop for each design. Each NFT represents an individual woman and includes features such as hairstyle, lips color, and skin tone. 

How Does World of Women Work? Use, Royalties, and Licensing

World of Women NFTs have officially sold out; however, you can purchase them through OpenSea. You’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum to complete the transaction to buy. 

Once you own the NFT, you can use it for commercial use. NFT holders are allowed to collect royalties for the use of their images, receiving 50% of all profits from their commercial use. To earn royalties, owners must agree to World of Women licensing terms. 

Unlike many NFT projects that are used to make a profit, World of Women reinvests its profits to fund women-centered projects around the globe. It’s worked with projects such as Rockflower, Too Young to Wed, and She’s the First, helping support and protect women in areas with fewer opportunities and rights. 

Who Created World of Women?

World of Women was created by Yam Karkai, a digital illustrator who began her involvement in NFTs in 2021. She started as a lone artist and was attracted to the market as it allowed artists to get paid for their work instead of relying on third parties. 

Before creating World of Women, Karkai had focused on empowering women in her art, using vibrant colors and fine lines to create messages. She originally created an NFT project called Women by Yam – Females in the spotlight, which features hand-drawn women. Today, she manages the World of Women project and uses profits to support women worldwide. 

How to Buy World of Women NFTs

As of September 2022, you can only buy NFTs through OpenSea. To do so, head to the OpenSea website and search for World of Women. 

You can search based on Price, Listing Status (Buy Now or Make Offer,) and design features such as backgrounds, facial features, accessories, etc.

You’ll also have to pay a gas fee for each transaction, though OpenSea stated that this fee will be based on Ethereum blockchain traffic and vary from one transaction to the next. OpenSea also charges a 2.5% fee for every transaction on the platform. 

World of Women Utility

As a World of Women holder, you gain access to more than just digital art. 

Firstly, all holders have access to exclusive World of Women Artdrops, which are created by established artists within the community. These airdrops were released in several “Seasons” and come in several different themes, including: 

  • Night Realm
  • Golden Star 
  • Rainbow 
  • Orb

As of September 2022, eight seasons have been released, and Artdrops are currently on hold, with the project focusing on its community and DAO, DAWoW. 

As well as owning an original 800×800 pixel NFT, collectors are also given access to a 4000×4000 pixel file to be used for high-resolution prints, commercial use, or anything else the collector can think of. 

Owners with rare World of Women attributes, such as the Night Goddess skin tone, can participate in various clubs. For example, the Curators Club, where collectors can choose which artist to buy from using the NFTs fund. 

The second club is the Royalties Club, of which only 19 NFTs are eligible. Members of this club have access to a fund that generates profits from 50% of all secondary sales. This profit is then shared amongst members. 

The project team has also announced several future benefits for all NFT holders, though these benefits have not yet been disclosed. Rumors suggest they may include surprise airdrops and a metaverse version of NFTs in the Sandbox

Final Thoughts: What Does The Future Hold for World of Women?

World of Women remains an exciting NFT project with a good cause many investors support. It continues to support disadvantaged women worldwide, investing in charities and organizations that support women. But what’s next for the project?

In 2022, World of Women declared they will ” heavily invest in the metaverse” on their website and will receive $25 million from the Sandbox over the next five years. With this in mind, it’s likely we’ll see the project advance through metaverse initiatives. 

Outside of the Metaverse, the project team has stated they plan to continue supporting artists and funding projects with a women-centric focus, as well as educate members on the issues many women face to bring more awareness to their cause.

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