Author name: Anthony Georgiades

Anthony Georgiades is the Co-founder of Pastel, and is also a General Partner at Innovating Capital, a technology fund focused on disruptive companies and digital assets. Innovating Capital has incubated Pastel Network since day one. Anthony previously spent time on the investment team at First Round Capital and on the operations teams of various startups. He studied finance, management, and computer science at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton and engineering schools.

2023 in Review & What’s to Come in 2024

In 2023, Pastel Network exhibited remarkable resilience and growth amidst challenging market conditions and regulatory uncertainties. This year signified major advancements in our technology and strategic partnerships, cementing our position in the evolving Web3 landscape. We concentrated our efforts on delivering our most substantial Mainnet upgrade to date and enhanced SmartMint’s functionality, establishing it as …

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Monet 2.0 Mainnet Release Is Live

Ushering in a New Era for Pastel Network The much-anticipated Monet 2.0 Mainnet is now live, marking a significant advancement in Pastel Network’s journey. This groundbreaking update is not just a technical upgrade — it’s a giant leap forward for the entire Web3 ecosystem. The enhancements span from improved user functionality to robust Supernode infrastructure, …

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NFT Sports Cards

NFT Sports Cards Explained (Read Before Buying)

It seems only yesterday when headlines of sports trading cards selling for millions of dollars spotlighted the lucrative world of collectible cards.  To recap the highest flying sales: And the list goes on, often to the incredulity of the average person still digesting the idea that even classical art can fetch multi-million dollar price tags. …

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Disney NFTs

Disney NFTs Explained

Disney, one of the world’s largest mass media producers, entered the world of non-fungible tokens in 2021 by creating NFT collections from their iconic characters.  Disney NFTs, which include the company’s intellectual property and acquired franchises such as The Simpson, are showcased on VeVe —a marketplace that licenses and showcases NFTs from some of the …

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NFT Royalties Explained: What Are They & How Do They Work

NFT royalties are payments sent to the creator of an NFT each time it is resold on the secondary market. NFT royalties function similarly to traditional royalties. In business, for example, the owner of a product receives a percentage of the sales or profits.  In the case of NFTs, the creator can set the royalty …

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